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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Life Poured Out

A trip to the city afforded us the opportunity to stop in on the City Rescue Mission to see the place where our Son works and lives.  Probably everyone has some preconceived notions about a mission designed to help the homeless and the addicted.  We were plesantly surprised to find it a well organized, cheerful place.  Our Son proudly showed us around and introduced us to the staff.  They have an area for children, a medical facility, pretty much anything a person would need to begin the process of putting their lives back together.  It was amazing to see how comfortable he was in this environment.  When he was in High School, he went on his first mission trip to Mexico. I'll never forget his words when he came home.... "Mom, when I grow up I want to move there and live with those people".  God placed a desire in his heart on that mission trip that hasn't been watered down by materialism, education, or youthful desires.  The desire to pour his life out so that others can know Christ still burns as passionately in his heart today as it did they day he returned from Mexico.... in fact it burns a little hotter.  Seeing how fulfilled he is by pouring his talents and time into others, makes me a little ashamed that I don't spend more time doing the same.  Never in my life have I seen someone get by so well with so little.  The more he pours his life out, the more blessings God pours into his life. He is truly someone I'd like to model my life after.  A Mother's heart cannot help but swell with pride and a lump never ceases to form in my throat when I ponder the blessings he's bringing to others. My prayer over my children has always been "Lord help them to become everything  you created them to be in you".... the truth is he created each one of us to live a poured out life so that we can be fully filled with him.

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