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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Oklahoma Proof Umbrellas

There is no such thing as an Oklahoma Proof Umbrella..... Or maybe it's just Jackie proof umbrella,  If there is such a thing, I haven't found one. Being a big bump kind of gal, it's important that my bump be weather proofed because the only thing worse than no bump, is a soggy bump. I had a cheap umbrella that would fit in my purse, but the Oklahoma wind that so lovingly sweeps down the plains, also turned it inside out. I upgraded to a "Full Coverage" umbrella thinking I would have all my bumps and lumps protected from the elements.... Not so my friend. When I left the office for an appointment, I welded my full coverage umbrella in one hand, my Texas size purse on my shoulder, and my ever present bottle of water. It was a Lucille Ball with a conveyor belt of chocolate moment as I juggled  to keep everything in its place as well as both feet firmly planted on the ground. The wind swooped under my umbrella and I nearly had lift-off of Mary Poppins proportions, but not nearly as graceful or fantastical. It wasn't pretty people, it just wasn't. Where is good old-fashioned engineering when you need it?? Apparently not in Oklahoma.

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