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Friday, March 18, 2016

A Rose by Any Other Name

Yesterday a friend I went to school with challenged me to tangle "A musical tribute to our beloved and infamous Mrs. Rose".  It was a challenge I happily took. Mrs. Rose was our Chorale Director, and the epitome of elegance. She had such grace and elegance that one could easily imagine her sipping a cup of tea in the library of Dowton Abby. She was a teacher you wanted to please. I loved being in the performance choir. We were putty in her hands and during a performance she was a master violinist and we were her bow. Every nuance of her upper body, controlled our every move. One of the things she would tell us was to sing with joy and let it show on our faces so the audience could tell we loved what we were doing. I have fond memories of this lovely lady. She was a Rose in every sense of the word and a beauty that can't be fully captured by one of my doodles.

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