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Friday, March 27, 2015

My Heart Weeps at the Important Things

A busy Friday at work, but that's not unusual. I texted my son who was home for the weekend to see what his pleasure for dinner might be... Spaghetti, I'm not surprised. I popped my head in his room (my girl cave Monday through Thursday) to ask about his plans for next weekend. He sat on the couch with a baseball cap on backwards playing video games. He isn't much on small talk or chit chat so I got right to the point. I started to close the door when I noticed the hair sticking out from under his ball cap was green instead of the usual brunette.... "Oh, hmm is your hair green?" (Well duh, but still) I asked. He nodded affirmative.  Hmmm, uh why? He just shrugged his shoulders as if there wasn't really an explanation. I paused at the door for just a minute then shrugged back and said... "Cool" and shut the door. I wondered back to my room thinking, green hair wasn't such a bad thing. This afternoon I received a disturbing text from a friend. A precious family we have known for years lost their beautiful daughter suddenly last night. There is a mother and father grieving the loss of their youngest child. A brother is grieving the loss of his sister. A young husband is grieving the loss of his wife and his young son is suddenly without the love of a mother. There are times when life and all we know (and don't know) makes no sense at all. In light of the pain of those around me, green hair seemed insignificant and "cool" was all I could say. My heart weeps at the important things.

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