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Friday, March 20, 2015

I Grow on You

I was standing in line at the grocery store the other night and noticed I was  stuck in what I describe as  "The Farm Vehicle" line. I was going nowhere fast.  I have learned that if I get in a "farm vehicle line"  my best option is to just stay there because Murphy's Law will  follow me wherever I go.... I'm just lucky like that.  The poor checker was obviously new and did not know what kind of peppers the customer had chosen. I stood there flipping through a magazine while other employees and the manager tried to determine the type of pepper and price. The longer the pepper debate continued, the more irritated I became. The urge to start shooting dirty looks at the employees had just hit me when I had an epiphany. I have recently been in a similar situation. Different, but similar at my new job. A new job means you are completely out of your comfort zone. Even the simplest task can be a major stressor as you learn to maneuver through software, spreadsheets and reports. I have a fear of screwing up a report and then sending misinformation to.... You know like the CEO or other important people, who if they didn't have a wonderful sense of humor, might, oh I don't know, get their panties in a wad (not that this has ever actually happened to me, cough, cough).  Suddenly the checkers inability to determine the type of peppers the lady in front of me was purchasing, became less of a big deal and me having to wait in line while reading about Julia Roberts reported marital woes, became a chance to relax.  There is a reason my husband refers to me as Lucille Ball. The episode where she is on the candy line is my life on a daily basis. I am blonder than I pay to be which can be an endearing quality to those who know and love me..... Other people, well I have to grow on them, kind of like a fungus only with more personality and bling.

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