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Sunday, March 8, 2015

How Do You Spell Success

My philosophy in life is to keep an attitude that draws people toward me instead of driving them away. I try to keep things in perspective in the landscape of the big picture, never taking myself so serious that I can't seriously enjoy life. At least that is my goal. Sometimes I fall short, and when i do no one is more disappointed in me than i am in myself.  That being said, life is too short to take things so serious that you become a giant Buzz Kill. Last week was a buzz kill kinda week. By Friday afternoon I wanted nothing more than to curl up in the fetal position and remain in a semi-conscious state the whole weekend. My "grace and positive attitude" tank had been siphoned dry and I was totally tanked. My husband knew I needed an intervention, so he made arrangements to see the kiddos Sunday afternoon. A few hours with "The Fam", coupled with some Lil Levi lovin is exactly what the doctor oredered to put
everything back into perspective where they belonged. NOTHING sets the world right more than being surrounded by the ones who really matter. For me personally, NOTHING is sweeter than rockin (or swaying as the case may be), my grandbaby to sleep. When I've totally tanked in life, that is what fills me up. For me success is spelled F-A-M-I-L-Y....

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