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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Have Courage, Be Kind and Believe in a Little Bit of Magic

As a girl, I grew up reading fairy tales. I had the storybook albums of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. I would listened to the tales as I looked at fantastical pictures in vivid colors that transported me from reality to the fantasy land of glass slippers and magical fairy godmothers. Perhaps that was the beginning of my shoe obsession. The saying "A pair of shoes can change your life"  has always been more fact than fiction for me. Although I am now a grown woman.... A Lolli in fact, I've never given up on my belief in fairy tales. In fact I have a magic Cinderella wand that sits above my dressing table for times when I need a little bit of pixie dust to brighten a dreary day. I truely am a kid at heart and what is life without a little bit of whimsy and magic? My excitement to the Cinderella movie was... Well epic. It's not often I look forward to seeing a beloved book being made into a movie because I have always found that the magic of movies cannot compare to the wonder of my imagination. Still,  I looked forward to seeing the fairytale played out on the big screen. Believing in fairy tales as I do, is perhaps one of the reasons I chose a prince of a man to be my husband, one who had no qualms at spending his Saturday afternoon accompanying his bride to a "chick flick". When we emerged from the darkened theater, we both had silly grins on our faces. Together we agreed the movie was just "perfect". Everything about the movie was just as it should be and everything I imagined as a small girl sitting beside her record player listening to the tale and looking at the story through the innocent eyes of a child. The coach could not have been more beautiful and the mice could not have been more lifelike.  The  scenery was absolutely surreal, The Prince was simply charming and Cinderella was perfectly cast. I can honestly say I wouldn't change one thing about the movie. The moral of the story was.... "Have courage, be kind and believe in a little bit of magic". But the most touching scene in the story was when Cinderella turned to the wicked stepmother and said... "I forgive you." And it ended as all fairy tales do.... Happily Ever after.

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