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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My Happy Sore Spot and Pixie Dust

I had lunch with two beautiful women I used to work with.  The three of us weathered a particularly nasty work situation and each came out with different results. I bailed a sinking ship, the other was tossed overboard, and the third is hanging on.  Life has a funny way of weaving people in and out of your life and I've found I have to make a deliberate choice to keep the threads from weaving out... Friendship doesn't just happen, it's a choice. We got all caught up, hugged it out and I headed back to the office. As I was getting out of my car, my friend honked her horn at me as she passed my office. My head snapped up a little faster than my butt, and I conked the back of my head on the frame of my car..... "Dang that smarted". As I was reading tonight, my fingers came across the tender spot as I absent mindedly rubbed my scalp. The sore spot reminded me of my lunch and how sweet it was to see the girls. Most sore spots are a negative reminder, and although the weathered storm left open wounds, the sore noggin was just the opposite..... It was a happy sore spot and a sweet reminder that people are brought into my life for a purpose and each one leaves something special behind. Hopefully, I leave a trail of sweet sprinkles behind as well... Lord knows I've left my share of sore spots. Love you girls (said to the sound of my pixie dust wand).

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