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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Emperoress Has No Clothes

I'm not sure why God wired us the way he did. I think most people, myself included, would like to be surrounded by those who offer endless admiration, always sees things our way, and who never rock the pedestals  we've perched ourselves upon. I mean who doesn't like their ego stroked? The problem with that is without the truth being present in our lives, we will never grow past our own perception. I'm of the belief that most of the time we know the truth, but secretly hope no one will validate the less than stellar truths about ourselves..... And boy don't we work hard to cover up those nasty little traits. The truth can be brutal at times, especially when it veers from our way of thinking. Even though it's not always pretty, I'm glad I have some who are willing to dash my delusions with the honest truth. Constructive criticism can help us grow like no amount of  false flattery ever will. Criticism given in love is best embraced. Even criticism that isn't so loving can make us more than we are. Personally without friends who will tell me the truth (and occasionally a pat on the back), I would be like the Emperoress  with no clothes, and trust me, that is not a pretty sight. Check your bloomers... Are they really there? If not, get new friends.

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