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Friday, April 10, 2015

Moms Rejoice at Saying "Yes to The Dress"

 It's that time again.... Prom Time. Like last year, I had the pleasure of going prom dressing shopping with my pseudo niece. Sometimes she sits with me in church and the other day someone asked us if we were related, or if there was some kind of connection there. I put my arm around her and explained that there wasn't a blood connection, but there was certainly a heart connection. Her mother has been my best friend for the last 26 years. Everyone thought we had planned it when her mom had her on my youngest son's 2nd birthday. We are sisters of the heart and I am proud to be called "Aunt JacJac" by both of her girls.  Alicia sent me a text the other day that read....
"Hey, I know I've asked a lot lately, but is there any way you could get off of work and go down to Dallas with me on Thursday around 12?" 
My response was simple....
"Well A, you haven't asked anything of me and B, there isn't anything I wouldn't do for you if I can."
So Thursday afternoon we loaded up and headed out. Last years shopping trip was somewhat of... Well, an emotional roller coaster. The air conditioning went out in the stores so to say trying on big, poofy dresses was a sweaty job is an understatement. It was an all day affair and before the day was over there had been much perspiration and tears shed. This year we hit the door with positive attitudes and a lot of prayer. First, Alicia had the saleswoman take our picture when we first got there while we still had our "Happy Pants" on. We knew it was a good omen when the air conditioning seemed to be working (can all the menopausal mothers and hormonal daughters out there give me an Amen?). Alicia is a very independent, strong willed young woman, which will serve her well in the years to come. She knows what she wants and pretty much sticks to her guns regardless of what input you want to give. So, when she said she was looking for black or emerald green, I knew that was what she meant. The saleswoman began pulling dresses and we started helping her get them on. Dress after dress her face remained emotionless regardless of how we oo'd and awed. When I felt like a melt down was imminent, I went on a mission to find something that hadn't been found. I came back to the dressing room with an armful of dresses to find her in this beautiful ruby dress. I opened the dressing room door to her mom's wide eyes and her brilliant smile. She walked to the mirror
beaming, as I stood confused. She said how much she loved it, but it wasn't sinking into my brain.... "It's the wrong color. You were very specific that you only wanted black or emerald green." Her explanation was that this was a ruby dress which is a color she hadn't seen before..... "There you go changing the rules in the middle of the game and totally throwing me off." I told her. I would have never pulled that dress because when I say she was adamant about what she wanted, I mean she was adamant. As the three of us stood in front of the mirror I asked..... "Are you saying yes to the dress." and she said.... "'YES!!!!!" Her mom dropped to her knees and I shouted "Thank You Jesus." That's just a little indication of how different this shopping trip was from last year. We where standing there with tears of joy, her mom had her head resting on my shoulder as the other moms watched from the couches in front of the dressing rooms. No doubt they were thinking that they should be so lucky to find a dress in a mere 2 hours and within (if not under) budget. As we stood there Alicia took a picture of us and announced that she was..... "So proud of her Lesbian mom's." I glanced over at the couch of mothers and watched as they quickly averted their eyes and the three of us burst into laughter. We were so elated and ready to eat at PF Chang's, we didn't care what the other moms thought. We actually made it out of the store while it was still daylight. We laughed our way through dinner, across town and to "Sprinkles", Starbucks and finally home. We were still laughing when they dropped me off at my house. I love you to the moon and back Miss Alicia Rayann Webb and I am as proud of you as if you were my very own daughter.

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