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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Blackberry Fist Bump

I drove to the cell phone store yesterday hoping to switch things around to lower my monthly charges. I opened the door and before it closed behind me, one of the customer service reps said.... "Good afternoon Mrs. Patterson!!" The little gremlin who often perches himself upon my shoulder whispered.... "It's never a good sign when you rarely go into the cell phone store, yet the customer service people know you by name." I told him to "Shut Up!".... The gremlin, not the customer service rep. I choose to believe he is enthusiastic about his job and wants to impress his boss by knowing his customers by their name, instead of believing he remembers me due the mishandling of my phone and/or having no cell phone savviness (is that even a word) whatsoever. I questioned if him knowing my name was a good thing, but then he said.... "You have a Blackberry" which he had kind of elluded to being uncool the last time I was there, then reached over and pulled out his Blackberry and we did the Blackberry fist bump. I'm not sure, but being body language savvy, I thought I detected an eye roll from the other 4 employees that were standing at the counter. And what does this have to do with anything you ask????? Nothing.... Nothing whatsoever....

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