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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Old Technology

We all know people who just refuse to become accustom to modern technology and my husband happens to be one of them. He has never been a big phone fan to the point where it's just a given if it rings and he is the only one around, it just will not get answered.  To say that text is outside his realm, is an understatement. If had have a choice, I'd rather text than talk on the phone any time. So, last night I was in our room upstairs, trying to get on our wireless connection. It had gone down and needed to be rebooted. The modem is in my son's room so I text him and asked him to re-boot. Don't judge me.... Some people sit in the same room and text each other. He text me back and told me he wasn't home. LOL! Yes, I can be accused of many things, but being a hoover mom isn't one of them. Since I don't know exactly which button to push and tend to get irritated quickly with malfunctioning machines maybe even to the point of being overly aggressive with them, I needed my husband to do it for me. He was in the basement(man cave), without his phone,  doing important man stuff. I didn't want to walk down all the stairs so I had to rely on our old (86 years) intercom system. It's a multi-task intercom system, I know.... Who knew they had such a thing 86 years ago. I walked into the bathroom, opened the lid and looked down into the laundry chute. I called out his name and quicker than Jack Sprat, he answered. I told him what I needed and he was Johnny on the spot to help me out. Modern technology is great, but it doesn't help you take the laundry downstairs or give you a cool place to throw things (small siblings, family pets, etc.) just to see them fall. There is something to be said about the tried and true of old technology.

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