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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Somethins Terribly Wrong MaLadee

Magnificent television is a rare commodity these days. Several of my friends had suggested that I watch "Downton Abbey" which is a British PBS Series. I bought the first season and watched it on my Kindle and... I was hooked. It's set shortly after the Victorian era, with beautiful scenery, amazing costumes and an inside glimpse of the life of the rich and those who serve them. One of my favorite movies is "She's Having a Baby" starring Elizabeth McGovern one of the main stars in "Downton Abbey". Warning: RABBIT TRAIL.... The best line in the movie, which also stars Kevin Bacon is.... "Grouper.... It's Grouper." (so stinking funny!), seriously look it up. End of RABBIT TRAIL. My husband has also become a big fan of the show. In an effort to catch him up, there are signs I may have overloaded my fragile system with the British series. The first indication of Downton Abbey overload is the voices in my head now speak with a British accent. "Perhaps you've scrunched too many episodes in, in such a short while MaLadee." Oh crap, now I'm starting to write with a British accent.

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