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Monday, March 25, 2013

Armed and Dangerous or Maybe Just Dangerous

The mass hysteria about gun control has invaded our humble abode. Around Christmas, my husband came home and declared in probably the most authoritative voice I've ever heard come out of his mouth, that we were getting a gun and we were both getting conceal and carry permits. Hey, no complaints from this blond secret agent wanna be. To my sad dismay, the gun I got wasn't pink or even girlie, but he promised after I got used to shooting, he would get me a real pink gun. Big smiles all around. This weekend was our class. Let me just say that I'm more of a doer, than a listener, because of my ADHD. Give me a few hours to sit and listen to anything, and I tend to squirrel off into fantasy daydream. But considering the fact that I am a wanna be secret agent, I stayed pretty focused, didn't fidget as much as normal and my husband only had to tell me to put my cell phone away ( I was playing bejeweled), once. He just doesn't understand that it's easier for me to listen if I have something to do while listening.  Being the ever submissive wife, I put my game away and focused all my attention to the front of the class.... Oh, if anyone new how much effort and energy that takes.  When we got to the shooting part (which was really what I came for) I did really well. Everyone of my shots were within the kill range. The closest I came to getting out of the kill range was when I hit my target in the jugular. In a real situation that would be messy but really quick so I really think I should have gotten more points for that shot. And the really scary realization is that I am now a lethal weapon... Actually it's probably more like armed and dangerous.... or just dangerous, but lethal weapon seems more secret agent- like.  Considered yourself warned.

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