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Monday, June 6, 2011

Consistent With Just a Tad of Flash

Saturday I had the pleasure of participating in the annual golf scramble for the company I work for. I was on a different team this year and there wasn't quite the same level of unhealthy competition as I enjoyed last year. LOL! Our team did come in 3rd, which may not give me bragging rights (and all the production office says AMEN), but it's still pretty good for someone who is way more worried about her outfit than her swing. Shallow, I know! One of my teammates was a retiree who turned 90 in May. I wondered if he felt remotely as sore as I did this morning and that is just sad! He's a little bitty guy about the size of a toothpick. He gets around pretty good for a 90 year old.... Slow but sure. When he would tee off, he looked barely able to swing the club. He didn't swing hard and fast, he did it slow,deliberate and straight as an arrow every time.  I don't think we had to hunt his ball down one time (or retrieve it "out of the shade" as I call it)! He nabbed us 3 birdies (why do they call it that?).He didn't have any flashy moves, no elaborate stance, just sharp, steady, consistent playing. When I got home, I thought to myself... "That's a good way to approach life"... Sharp, steady and consistent(but I need to add a little flash once in a while just to keep it interesting).

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