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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Oath

We stood upon Mount Soledad last spring, reading the memorials to the men and women who have given their lives for our country. My daughter stood along side me. The day before she had returned from a 9 month deployment. Just a few years earlier she had been in college working toward a degree in interior design. She had been accepted in Design school at OSU when she decided she wanted to do something different with her life. Now she stood beside me, a woman who had seen the world, who had walked foreign lands and had made unbelievable sacrifices for the protection of the freedoms we enjoy every day. As we read the memorials she said...

"You know Mom I never understood what would make someone willing to give their life to protect our country. After being in foreign lands and seeing the different cultures and the way people live, I totally get it now. We live in the greatest nation on earth! I totally understand because what we have here is worth giving your life to protect and I absolutely would."

I can honestly say if she had graduated from the most prestigious college and become the most famous designer in the country I would be no more proud of her than I am now. I know what she has given up to do the job she is now doing. I know the emotional toil, the personal struggles and the physical demands she meets every day of her life. Today she will once again raise her hand and take an oath to protect and to serve each and every American. There are no degrees, no accolades, no accommodations or recognition that is more honorable than that. Does this sound like a Mother speaking??? Maybe so, but more so, this is an American speaking not just for her, but for every person, past and present who has made the same oath. It's because of people like her that we enjoy the freedoms we do. God Bless American and all those who serve. Job well done Sissy, I love you!

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