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Friday, May 6, 2011

Just My Nature

I was printing a document the other day and was standing at the printer waiting for it to print. A piece of paper slid out and as I reached up to grab it, the machine sucked it right back in. Ugh!!! Then I noticed the flashing message on the LCD screen that said.... "Do not grab the paper until the job is complete!" The document being printed at the time wasn't mine,it was someone else's two sided document. I just had to laugh. It's pretty sad when even the machines around you know your nature. I'm pretty much a grab and go kind of gal. Why drive 45 when you can drive 50? Why hunt a hammer down when the sledge hammer is handy? Why measure something when you can eyeball it from across the room, or better yet, just keep drilling holes until the picture hangs just right? This is what makes my husband roll his eyes and refer to me as a bull in a china cabinet. Apparently the copier got the memo about my nature and although it may be just my imagination, it seemed like it was slowing me down.

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