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Thursday, May 19, 2011


It's coiled beneath the surface,cloaked within my heart, in a maze of locked compartments,abstruse to outside eyes... Guarded with great passion, preserved with tender care, enshrined with many teardrops and solemnly revered. Surrendered rather reluctantly, forgotten not a chance, revisited with mourning, grieved with no regrets. The wall that now surrounds it, often breaks away and once again rebuilding, praying walls to stay. A fissure could mean failure, the damage would be great, to all that it endangers, to  those it posed to save. The process has been brutal, the cost too numerous to count, but for all apparent purpose, the reward will far outweigh. Unwavering steadfast progress, incessant stable course, unfaltering devotion, to fulfillment with no remorse. Daily the task awaits me, an ever present chore, a cloud that looms over, with silent threatening storms. At times I grow weary, of the constant need to guard, and often I've surrendered to the dark and looming clouds. But after the envelopment, I rise and take a breath, and don my faithful armor prepared to fight till death.

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