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Thursday, April 14, 2011

So Close Yet So Far Away

I'm an insomniac so I keep hypnosis sleep music on my Sirius Stiletto. Some of it's just music, some of it is guided relaxation. One of the guided relaxation recordings I've had for a long time. I call him my little Sandman. The minute I hear Sandman's voice my muscles turn to jelly and before he has me surrounded by fog I'm asleep. His voice gets more and more quiet as the recording progresses... I love Sandman! Anyway, the other day I downloaded a couple of other sleep aids to see how they
Starting to fade
worked. I have them set up so they play back to back giving me hours of sleep (usually). They are set up so Sandman is the last recording before it just goes to my country music. So last night I fell asleep during my Deep Sleep with Underwater Sounds. Doesn't that sound refreshing?! I guess it was a couple of hours later that I began to dream that I was talking on the phone to Harrison Ford!!! I've always been a BIG Harrison Ford fan... Until he started to age so ungracefully. I know that's shallow of me, but a man with his kind of fortune could afford to have those jowls worked on. Since he started dating that Calista woman (I'm really blaming her), he's looking more and more like my Bulldog, although not in a "so ugly you gotta love em" kinda way. Do I sound a little resentful??? I think I might be, he is allowing
His finer days
himself to age in a way that has totally tipped him off of the pedestal I put him on. So, on with the story! I'm talking to Harrison Ford, and in spite of his jowls, my muscles are turning to jelly and I'm pretty dang excited about it. Until... In my dream I begin to recognize that his voice is changing and he is starting to sound just like my Sandman!!! Dang It! The minute I realize he is not Harrison but my Sandman, I wake up!!! I was so disappointed because I wasn't talking to Harrison Ford after all and because now I'm awake and not really happy... It was like a double wammy! I come so close, yet so far away. Stupid Sandman.

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