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Monday, April 11, 2011

My Very Own Snow Globe

Okay, so don't laugh out loud to my face but I love big Snookie hair. I'll admit, she may take it to the extreme, but there is just something about a big ole bump that I like. My hair dresser has to keep me tamed down or I would go wild! A friend told me about the most amazing product that puts the pow in your bump that will make it jump right on up there. It's called Powder Play. It's a white powder that comes in a little red plastic bottle. The powder reminds me of cornstarch. You just sprinkle the powder in your hair and it gives your hair wings:-) For real! Last week I was re-fixing my hair at lunch, because
sometimes I do that. I was going to sprinkle a little pow in it. The bad thing about the bottle is you can't tell when you are almost out, so I took the sprinkle cap off to see how much I had left. I put the sprinkle cap back on... Well I thought I did. When I went to sprinkle my powder I heard a big thump as the cap and all of the contents of the bottle sat piled on my head like I giant snow capped mountain. There was powder all over my floor, all over my dresser and all over me. My cat (who looks like he has had a heavy dose of powder sprinkled on him) just looked at me trying to figure out what the heck I was
doing. Needless to say, my hair had plenty of POW that afternoon. When I patted my bump, a puff of white powder shot up in the air and it looked like my head was smokin (I'm seriously not even kidding or exaggerating). A side benefit was every time I shook my head, little white flakes fell on my desk so it was like living in my very own snow globe.... And everyone knows how much I like snow!!!

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