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Friday, April 8, 2011

Right as Rain

Before leaving for California the other day I went to the City and stayed with my son and his friends. I offered to take them out for processed food, since that's what I like to eat. They decided it would be lots of fun to take Mom to eat Sushi. They took me to a really, I would call it cute but maybe it's more trendy part of the City. We had to park a couple of blocks away in front of a business, but it was a beautiful night so the walk was good. When they seated us they brought warm wash cloths to our table. The boys snapped them up and scrubbed their faces while I just stared at them.... "What are you doing?!" my son says... "Here Mom, it's refreshing!" His friend adds... "Oh man! This is the best part." They were like two little boys in a marble store. I literally put my dinner in their hands since I had no idea what to order and
Best of Friends!

because it was so dark in there I couldn't have read the menu if I had wanted to. They debated, considered and then finally ordered. While we waited for our dinner they both tried to teach me to use chopsticks and when the waiter saw they weren't having much luck, came over to assist. Finally seeing that I was chopstick challenged, he put a chopstick training clamp on my chopsticks. I know, pathetic! So the Sushi arrives and I'm committed to being a good sport and keeping an open mind. Come to find out I would need more than an open mind, I would need a very open mouth as they instructed me that I had to put the whole piece in my mouth at once. I may be accused of having a big mouth sometimes, but geeze!!! That's a big chuck of Sushi to cram in, but I manage to get it in as they (seriously) chant for me to get it down. Apparently I did more chewing than necessary as they told me just to swallow. Got it down, kept it down, yay! Next piece was a little different. It had a wang to it, but they said it wasn't a wang it was a twang, but I'm still pretty sure it was a wang. This one, I didn't do so good at, it was weird tasting, and chewing wasn't helping, my throat kinda closed up and didn't want to let it go down, but I finally got it there. Third piece was again different and let's just say it had a life all it's own and I came very close to doing the entire spaghetti scene from Aliens right there in the trendy
little restaurant. I've decided I'm not a Sushi fan. They say it has to grow on you, but I equate something that has to grow on you like a fungus or something and I have no desire to acquire a taste for Sushi. To make matters worse, or at least for a few split seconds seem worse... When we walked out of the restaurant there were three tow trucks backed up down the street hauling cars that were parked in front of businesses off. The sight of that had the Sushi crawling right back up my throat! My suitcase was in the car, and there was a little niggle of panic
when I saw what was going on. My son ran down the street and whew! It was a different business that was having the cars towed. He said, "Don't worry Mom, if it had been us we would have found out where they took your car, we would have climbed the fence and got your luggage and then I would have gone this weekend and picked your car up while you were gone to California. When you got back  everything would be as right as rain." His friend echoed "Right as rain." from the back seat. They are funny boys. We drove by Braum's on the way home so
I could wash my Sushi down with ice cream. Still, I could swear that Sushi was alive and not doing so well when I went to bed that night, but just as my son predicted, everything was as right as rain. Still, I'm not doing Sushi ever again!

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