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Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Place

My quest for a Persian Cat paid off. I brought one back from San Diego when I visited. We have dubbed the cat "Morph the Cat". Well I say we have dubbed him, the dubbing has yet to be done, but as with all our pets he will be dubbed by my husband in an official dubbing ceremony. I'll have to say that for someone who initially just wanted an ally cat with short hair, he sure has gotten attached to our smushy faced little Morph. Morph think he hung the moon. weird! I wouldn't call my husband a pet person, but he does tolerate my pets very nicely but there is a veiled undercurrent there due to their size. We had a dog for years and years that was totally his and he didn't hesitate to tell you. He really loved Missy and I think he misses having her around. She was a stray and smart as a whip and she adored him from day one. Morph appears to feel the same way. He plays with the all the time (loves the laser light), talks baby talk to him and spoils him with treats. So now I have two dogs, one the size of a miniature horse and one the size of a full grown hog and my husband has a smushy faced Persian who he seems really happy with. The Patterson house is a happy, happy place.

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