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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Shipless in Seattle

Our Alaskan Vacation started in Seattle. I was excited about visiting Seattle because I am a huge Sleepless in Seattle and Grey's Anatomy Fan (insert scene where Annie goes to Sam's house)..... Awe, that's something I'll have to put on my Seattle bucket list for next time.... Rabbit Trail!  We stayed at the famous Edgewater Hotel located on the waterfront. The Beatles, along with other music icons, have stayed there. The most famous picture of the hotel is one showing the Beatles fishing from the balcony of their room. Our room was nice with a cozy fireplace, a very expensive stuffed bear footstool, and a balcony we could have fished from had we the urge to do so. Strangely, the urge did not hit me, but the urge to purchase the adorable footstool did..... For a nanosecond, maybe longer as I tried in vain to justify the $450.00 price tag. Seriously, how often do I find the need to prop my feet up for a while. Plenty! But even I, the impulsively ridiculous shopper that I am, could not find sufficient reason for such a purchase regardless of the cuteness factor (trust me I tried really hard). After checking into the hotel, we walked down the waterfront. We ate lunch beside the Seattle Great Wheel, and strolled through Pike Market. Pike Market is fascinating. It is an open market of fish, flowers, and every other imaginable thing. Before heading back to the hotel, we stopped by the original Starbucks. By the end of the evening we were exhausted and shipless in Seattle. What better way to start a great vacation?

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