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Friday, June 3, 2016

Air Guitar Wonder of the World

Day one of the cruise was laid back, getting settled in, and of course getting acquainted with the essential amenities of the ship..... AKA where all the food happens. Mike's number one mission was to scope out the hot spots for musical enjoyment. First thing we did was gather for a serious game of Putt-Putt. When Mike and I were first dating, we frequently paired up with my cousin and her husband for a competitive game of Putt-Putt. I would put on my 4 inch golfing stilettos and if memory serves me right, we kicked butt on the Putt-Putt course. Jerry and Doretta may have a different version of events, but neither of them have a blog so my version trumps theirs.  This practice match was pretty evenly divided, but I'm certain with my creative score keeping, and the fact that it's my blog, we may have ended on top again. After dinner we found a nice pub that offered live music so we picked a table and took up some space on the dance floor.... Well, Mike and I did. According to Jerry..... Jerry don't dance, which is too bad because that would have been double entertainment. Later in the evening, the cruise director came into the pub and announced the beginnings of a "Air Guitar" contest. People didn't volunteer as much as they were dragged kicking and screaming onto the dance floor with instructions to play like there was not tomorrow when it was your turn to "Air Guitar". Mike was the first reluctant contestant, followed by three women each differing in age. Sadly, Mike was first up. The Cruise Director told him to play "Air Guitar" like his life depended on it, to which he replied.... "I don't play guitar, I play bass." She responded... "Not tonight you don't." Being slightly less dramatic than myself, he put decent effort into his Air Guitar performance. He definitely took a step outside his comfort zone and embraced the adventure of memory making and for being an all around good sport. The next lady did a fair job, but I wasn't impressed. Then a tall, leggy blond stepped up and with the first strum of the guitar she dropped to her knees, laid flat on her back and began to twirl around on the floor while rocking her air guitar. That was the moment I knew the coveted bottle of champagne, and ship on a stick would not be going back with us to our cabin.... And rightly so. Had Mike dropped to his knees like that, I'm certain of two things.... A) He would never be able to get up and B) He would never walk again. The leggy blond was very bendy, an asset coveted by less bendy people like myself. Mike had nothing to hang his head in shame over. He stepped up to the plate when asked and gave it his all. That's what vacations are all about. Stepping out of your comfort zone, doing things you've never done before and leaving with precious, and sometimes hilarious memories to have and to hold (unlike the ship on a stick and bottle of champagne I didn't get to hold) . It doesn't take an Air Guitar wonder to make a wonderful vacation, but it sure does help and one of the reasons having him around makes every vacation special.

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