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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Getting In Touch with the Beauty of Alaska, I Feel The Earth. Move. Under My Feet.

If anyone tells you that you have to purchase expensive excursions to enjoy the beauty of Alaska, I can tell you that is absolutely not the truth. We hadn't been at sea very long before we began to see whales. If you pay attention while you are sitting on deck, you can see a lot of things. They also have a naturalist onboard and spotters who will announce over the intercom when and where wildlife can be spotted. It's exciting to be sitting there drinking your morning coffee and spot a whale blow in the distance. Our second port was Skagway, and like Juneau, we didn't have an excursion planned. We had, however done some research and found there was a national park within walking distance of port which provided walking trails in the middle of the beautiful Alaskan landscape for the low, low price
of $0.00. We walked through town to the park and took our time strolling through the woods. We found a beautiful rocky area that looked over the water. We basked in the sun and listened to nature at it's finest. There are good things and there are bad things about letting me out in the wild. I feel like I should have a hazard warning tattooed on my forehead... "Warning, tends to do impulsive things"  I like to explore and if water is involved.... I want to be near it, or in it, or at to least touch it. We walked through the part of the park where the trail was right above the water. I really, really, really wanted to touch the water and although it didn't look like the bank was designed for you (or me) to actually go down to the water, I thought it looked like a doable thing. So, I hip hopped (which is something I've been known to do in the woods) down to the sandy gravel embankment that looked pretty stable. It wasn't. The minute I stepped off the path, the sandy gravel
gave way. Not to worry.... I figured a few more steps down and everything would become more stable..... It did not. So, I abandoned my efforts to touch the ice cold water and casually began to climb back to the trail like nothing was wrong. The problem was, the sandy gravel was so unstable, every time I took a step the earth moved under my feet. That would make an excellent song title. Just when I thought I had myself in a pickle, I managed to get back up to the trail. I would love to tell you that my trail mates were beside themselves with worry and tried in vain to help me get my footing back, but strangely they were so enthralled with their surroundings, they didn't realize the pickle I was, or almost was in. Well, even if Jerry had realized it, he would have taken the opportunity to stand on the trail and hurl lame remarks at me while I was vulnerable..... That's the kind of love affair we share and I would happily to do the same for him, only my remarks would be more witty. Unfortunately, or fortunately, however you want to look at it, we didn't happen upon any furry friends eager to the petted. If I couldn't touch the water I at least wanted to pet a bear... Right? Dangit! All in all, unlike the hustle and bustle of downtown and it's many jewelry shops, the park offered exactly what we wanted..... The chance to get in touch with the beauty of Alaska..... And that we did, although not quiet as close as I would have like.... I just wanted one little touch of the water.... Put it on the bucket list for next time.

This with Me and Butt.... I mean Jerry (Not Pictured)

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