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Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Big Chill at Glacier Bay

Day 4 of the cruise meant we had been staying up later than usual, so it wasn't a mystery that we had a hard time getting up and around that chilly morning. We went on deck and watched in wonder as we passed through icy waters and into a winter wonderland. We saw whales jumping for joy, bears scavenging the rocks in search of moths, and a seal happily lounging on a floating piece of ice. The Captain dropped anchor so we could sit and watch for a while.... That's when I noticed Mike, who is typically close to my side, suddenly missing. The deck below me was the "Serenity Deck", which offered hammocks and covered lounge chairs. Mike and I had taken a nap the day before on a hammock. It was a little chilly, but we found blankets and pillows at the bar which made the isolated hammock the perfect lounging
place on a chilly day. I walked along the deck peeking through the holes in the back of each lounge chair, searching for Mike's feet or green hoodie. Finally I found him curled up watching the glacier calve into the water below. The glacier is beautiful with a perfect mixture white, gray, and hues of turquois spun carefully between the layers like icing on a cake. I was fascinated by huge holes that looked like turquois secret caves, just beckoning to be explored. The Captain said we would stay anchored for an hour or so, so I curled up beside Mike to watch the show. The crackle of ice breaking away echoed through the bay, then splashed to the water below... It was a chilly spectacle of wonder. Mike wasn't his perky self, so just before we set sail again, I suggested we go inside for a quick nap. During our nap I notice Mike was so hot that his touch practically blistered my skin. I crept farther and farther to the other side not knowing he had experienced more than a slight chill during the ice show at Glacier Bay.

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