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Saturday, May 21, 2016

And Then It Was June

May 1981 was a big month for me. I graduated High School and attended several weddings, one of which was that of my cousin. After the wedding she moved to Duncan Oklahoma where her husband was located. She invited me to come stay for a week as soon as I graduated, so June 1st I went to stay with them. Oddly enough I had a premonition that it would be a life changing visit, but I wasn't quite sure what kind of change. One evening I was in her tiny kitchen helping clean up after dinner when I heard her husband answer a knock at the door. I continued with the dishes and when I finish them, I walked into the living room where her husband sat visiting with a co-worker. The four of us sat around and chatted for a while. My first impression was.... Gosh, this guy is color coordinated from his head down to his toes. Having just graduated, I was used to the basic jeans and t-shirts guys wore at school. The two of us had a couple of dates that week. Long story short, when it came time for me to head back to Tulsa, I didn't want to go. I had no idea that in 6 1/2 months we would become man and wife. We met 35 years ago on June 3rd. This week we are taking an Alaskan Cruise with my cousin and her husband in celebration of what has been a union of hearts and a lifetime journey.

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