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Friday, June 26, 2015


There are two types of people in the world…. Broken people, and broken people who don’t recognize their brokenness. Those who walk in Christ should know they are broke, after all Christ died for it. What I fear is, many Christians believe they have moved beyond their brokenness. I spoke with a friend about being broken. We talked about how easily it is to look around and allow our insecurities to tell us we just don’t measure up. The enemy is quick to use others to re-enforce those negative thoughts until we feel defeated. I had a close friend a few years ago who said to me…. “I don’t even know if you are saved!”   I didn’t measure up to their level of spirituality. If you are at a low point in your life, that is not the kind of encouragement you need. News flash!!! God uses broken people. In fact, I’m not sure you can be used by God until you are broken. Looking back on the life of Paul, God did not use him until he had been broken. Ironically, Paul’s brokenness came in the form of blindness. Before his physical blindness on the road to Damascus, Paul was spiritually blind. I don’t think that is a coincidence. I encouraged my friend, not to buy into the lie that everyone has it more together than they do. Sometimes the more someone “appears” to have it all together, the more broken they are. Some are better at hiding their brokenness than others. They feel more spiritual in a cloak of wholeness than they do in their brokenness… I used to feel the same way. These days I’m very honest about my brokenness. It is a constant reminder of God’s mercy and grace. It gives me compassion for others and keeps me from puffing out my chest in judgement and self-righteousness.  At the foot of the cross, the ground is even and we are all broken. His blood ran down the cross to cover our brokenness and our imperfections. When he looks at us all he sees is his refection, not ours and that is good news.

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