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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Flying Monkeys and The Wizzard of Oz

 I am not a "car" person. Until the release of the New Beetle, a car was simply a common necessity much like having a toilet in your home. I had always wanted a Bug and when they came out with The New Beetle, having a cyber green one was at the top of my bucket list. I loved my little green Bug so much that it was literally duct taped and zipped tied together when we pushed it to the car lot to trade it in. With one exception, every car we have had was kept until there was nothing left of it. I fell in love with the Nissan Cube the first time I saw a commercial. It was the first car we've ever bought when we weren't actually looking for a new car. We happened to be in Tulsa for a friends wedding and I talked my husband in to going to a dealer to see if they had one. They did, they had
one and only one. We took it for a test drive, and I refused to be removed from behind the steering wheel leaving my husband little options than to buy it.  I am not a good car shopper. It's not very Christian like to say I hate car salesmen, so I'll just say I would rather be waterboarded with acid then to sit in a room with a over zealous, fast talking car salesman. When they tell you that they have to take your counter offer over to the manager... Do they think anyone actually believes them? Where do they go? Do their offices have hidden cameras and microphones like a FBI interrogation room. The "I'll take this offer to my manager" line reminds me of the wizard  behind the curtain on the Wizzard of Oz. When they leave the room with the manager excuse, my eyes automatically roll to the back of my head. I can hear my mother telling me to stop making that face of it might freeze.
Yes, I put car shopping right up there with being chased by flying monkeys on the Wizzard of Oz. It makes me wish for ruby slippers so I could click my heels together and it would be over already. Ratty looking Toto and Kansas doesn't look so bad after a day of car shopping.  "There's no place like home, there's no place like home."

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