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Friday, May 22, 2015

Who's On First

When my husband checked me into the emergency room, I was re-thinking refusing a ride in the ambulance. As the check-in girl said, they had a full house. My husband came back and told me that if I started experiencing chest pains (wink, wink)I would get moved to the first in line. .. LOL, I assure him we would be going no where fast. He got a text from our daughter telling him she was on her way to Duncan. I was wishing he hadn't called her because it wasn't a big deal and I hated for her to drive to Duncan when I knew I was fine (minus the Zombie-ish flesh hanging from my hand).  My daughter arrived at the same time as my dad which was weird because my husband had been unable to reach him. They walked into my room together. She looked baffled and confused and when she told us why, we all had a good laugh. She said she walked into ER and saw Papa standing at the check in desk. She patted him on the back and said "Hey Papa." She said he looked up surprised at seeing her there. She asked how he was doing and he told her he was having a little hard time breathing so Urgent Med told him to come to the ER. She naturally thought he was there to see me so she questioned him again about what he was doing there. When he repeated his answer to her, she reached up to touch his forehead and asked him if he had been out in the sun (she thought maybe he had a stroke and had forgotten that he was there due to my car accident). He told her no, he hadn't been out in the sun, then he asked what she was doing in Duncan at the ER. She told him I had a wreck, but he thought she was kidding. The desk clerk picked up on the conversation and asked her if she was looking for Jackie Patterson, Aja responded yes, so she directed them both to my room which was directly across the hall. They both walked in a little confused at having met completely by accident with each of us not knowing the other one was there.  I was concerned that the doctor had sent him to the ER so i asked him why he hadn't called me..... "Well, it wouldn't have done any good, you were busy getting into a car wreck." By this time we had a full room, two patients, my husband, daughter, and friend. A nurse entered the room, took one look at me laying on the bed and said... "Oh sorry, I've got the wrong room" and quickly closed the door. I told dad that she was probably looking for him and as soon as I said it, she came back in scanning the room for..... "an older gentleman" The nursing staff finally decided having us both in the same room was a lot like playing "Who's on first". Neither one of us was in the mood for games which worked out quite well with dad being moved to his very own room.  They hospital staff clearly found no humor in me asking if we could get a "group rate". Oh well, you can't blame a girl for trying. 

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