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Friday, May 15, 2015

A Mother's Day Embrace

A year ago this weekend, a friend of mine lost her daughter in a horrible house fire that also took the life of a small child. I cannot imagine such pain. She struggled with the fact that due to the circumstances, there was nothing to touch, nothing so say goodbye to. Grieving is a complex process and things like that makes the grieving process even more difficult. I consider our friendship special for reasons that are difficult to explain except to say she holds a special place in my heart. We no longer work together, but we have lunch once a month. This week at lunch, I gave her a small gift and a card. When I got back to work, I received the following text. I asked her permission to post the story on my blog, because not only is it a beautiful story, it is  also a beautiful example of how God knows the desires of our hearts and in this instance, he gave her what her heart desired. I will note that the Shelley she mentions in the story is another co-worker who also lost a son several years ago. Having someone close who has experienced her pain, has helped her process the grief. This story is like a warm heavenly blanket that wraps around you; I hope you find it as beautiful as I did.

"Thank you so much for my bottle of honey, but thank you even more for your letter. I wanted to share this story with you at lunch, but knew I could not without crying. Shelley told me once that Mason would come to her in her dreams, but most of the time, he was always a little boy.  Cortney's best friend has also told me she has dreamed of her. You know how I struggle with the fact I did not get to touch her and hug and tell her goodbye. Well, Friday before Mother's Day, she gave me the best present of all.  I was sleeping and felt someone's foot touch mine.  I rolled over and there she was. We hugged and hugged and eventually Rusty came into the room and we all hugged.  As the dream went on, she became younger and younger. Then she looked at me and said.... "I have to go now, so hold me." At that moment she was an infant and I laid her on my stomach and she just went into me the same way she came out of me 25 years ago. So, I do know that she is still with me. I have had a lot of friends in my life, but the ones who are still thinking of you, checking on you, and sending prayers your way a year after your loss are the ones you thank God for placing in your life. Love you my friend!"

I cannot thinking of a more touching Mother's Day gift, than re-living the embrace of a child who has passed. Never take tomorrow for granted, for it may never come.

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