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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Fool Me Once

My English Bull Dog Riley has adapted quickly to being an only child again. Her big sister passed away on January 1st and as you can imagine a big sister who weighs 220 pounds leaves a gapping hole in life as we know it. Apparently Riley has decided that all previous rules are out the window and she can now do as she pleases. I'm sure it's our fault, we've probably been sending mixed messages.  She has been so well behaved, we haven't needed to do much enforcement. Last year I found an amazing garage sale bargain I couldn't live without. I bought a scrumptious over sized Italian leather chair at the garage sale I worked for the mission team. A couple brought a trailer loaded down with donations and from across the driveway I spotted this chair. I plopped myself in it, and was immediately swallowed up by its comfort. It was perfect except for a place on each arm where it had been worn down... Nothing a blanket couldn't cover. I asked my girlfriend.... "Is it totally crazy that I want this chair?" to which she replied "YES!"  She knows my love for all things old and that my house is full to running over (but in a tasteful way). "Where would you put it?" she asked. With little thought I said... "The kitchen!" I have a large kitchen with a vacant spot that just called out for a big comfy chair to sit in while I cooked dinner. Well, that may be a bit of a stretch (me cooking dinner part), but the kitchen needing a good place to cozy up and read a book is not a stretch so home I came with this huge chair. You know what? I just love that chair (holes and all) and my husband does too and Riley does too. She has taken that chair as her napping place which I don't mind since it's leather. I threw a blanket over it and she cuddles under as snug as a bug in a rug. At night when I tell her to go get in her bed, instead of going to her kennel, she has taken to snuggling in her chair. I've been sweet and have been letting her sleep there. The other morning when I came down the stairs I heard a distinct plop..... clink, clink, clink, coming from the living room. Apparently Riley has been waiting for me to go to bed before moving her sleeping program to the living room couch which has, and always will be off limits. She knows good and well she is not suppose to be on that couch which is apparent by her sneakiness. So, today when I left, I told her to get in her bed and she tried to snuggle under in the leather chair, but I was having none of that "Oh no you don't little missy." She begrudgingly moped to her kennel in her best Eeyore imitation. Yep, her gig is up. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

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