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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Moving Forward to See Another Sunrise

A Perfect Match
I went back to wound care today for the burns on my arm, hoping for a release so I could get a splint on my thumb. We're not sure if I tore a ligament, or if I just have a nasty sprain, but it's on my right hand
Logo Arm
and everything makes it hurt.  It is simply amazing how well the burns have healed. Wound care actually released me today and I was so thrilled. As they were getting my paperwork together, I asked about scarring. She told me that yes, I would probably always have a logo arm, and the skin on my right hand would probably always be a little different in color and sensitivity than the rest of me. On the bright side.... I can be walking advertisement for Nissan. After all, if I could scoot right back into a Cube Chrome, I would in a heartbeat. What better advertisement for customer satisfaction? Nope, scars don't scare me none (not sure that is proper grammar). Scars are simply a part of life. A part of living, hurting, healing, rejoicing and if you are really blessed (which I totally am), moving forward to see another sunrise... another sunset. Really, who could ask for more?
Zombie Hand

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