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Friday, September 5, 2014

The Future is Held in Very Capable Nail Scarred Hands

When we were first told that our company was for sell and we would probably be losing our jobs within 90 days, my first instinct was to jump ship.  I don't mind change as much as I mind uncertainty.  Every place I have ever worked has become like a second home.  Everyone I knows has a stash of personal records, bills, pictures at work where it seems you spend most of your waking hours.  A few days after the announcement.... After the fog had slightly lifted, I packed up my personal belongings and brought them home.  I didn't want to have to pack them under duress or the watchful eye of HR.  I left my blingy stapler, my stiletto tape dispenser and a few other odds and ends I actually used, but everything else was hauled home, box by heartbreaking box.  I stacked the boxes of "stuff" in my girl cave hoping against hope that I would have the opportunity to take them back and unpack them as if nothing had happened and all was right with the world.  Today I was looking for a piece of paper to write a note on.  I reached in one of the boxes and pulled out a copy of a note I had written to one of the boys several years ago.  When I say one of the boys.... I refer to one of my sons from another mother, different father, but who I love as my own.  Emotionally I feel like I have a dozen kids or so, just as my kids know they have multiple parents/adults who have spoken into their lives.  We've spent 20 plus years making memories with our extended family and I wouldn't have it any other way. When I first looked at the note I didn't remember who it was written for, but as I begin to read, the memory of the Fall they all left for college came rolling back.  One of "The Girlfriends" had told me that her son was having a really bad week, which broke my heart.  He was away at college, but I still felt the need to reach out and comfort him.  Little did I know that years later I would run across a copy of the note and the words would be a much needed encouragement to myself as well as so many others I know.  This is the note that was sent to him, but is now meant for me and all of my friends at the office..... To each of you I reach out with what will hopefully be healing words in trying times..... I love you each and every one of you and I pray for blessing beyond our imagination because that is just how big our God really is!

"I just wanted to drop you a line of encouragement.  Your Mom said you haven't had a very good week.  I'll tell you what I've told Aja many times in the last couple of years.... Boring lives don't make interesting stories.  Adversity has a way of making us dig deeper than we would normally dig, causing us to reach untapped potential we never knew existed within ourselves.  When God chooses to bring you through the trial instead of lifting you out of the trial, you gain insight into yourself and you grow far beyond the limits that being comfortable provides.  God has a way of bringing us to his expected end, even if he takes what we believe to be an alternate route.  I am praying for you and believing that good things are in store for you in this upcoming season.  Don't be discouraged, don't be distressed, just dig your heels in and give them all you've got.  When you don't think you have anything left, God will come through with that little bit extra.  I am praying specifically that you will find favor in those in authority over you.  God knows where he wants you to be and he knows how to get you there.  I believe in you, and I want you to believe in yourself...."

Love Jac

Guys, I know it's hard to accept the fact that we have no control over what happens, but what I do know is neither do those who sit in their ivory towers.  God hung the moon and the stars and created the ivory by which the towers are built.  It may not be fun.... It may not be what we planned.... But our future is held in very capable nail scarred hands.

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