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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Here's Working With You Girl

We had a farewell lunch today for one of the girls who decided to jump ship instead of going down with the Titanic (that's what we are officially calling it now).  It was fun to listen to the stories from back in the day (before I was there).  There was a lot of laughter (back then, not now) and at lunch, as well as plenty of leftovers.  I asked her for her funniest memory. I would have sworn she would say something about Santa Baby, but instead she had a totally different story, which is good because I'm fairly convinced no one can tell the Santa Baby story the way I can....  I don't just TELL the story, I BECOME the story. I would love to blog her story, but I can't (I really just can't) so feel free to use your imagination concerning prostate exams... Just run with it. I promise whatever you come up with won't be nearly as jaw dropping as the actual story. Thanks for the visual "M", I keep trying to shake it from my brain but it seems to have lodged itself quite deeply (deep being the key word here).  A deathly quiet settled over the car as we drove back to work in a carb induced coma.  A coma should make the afternoon almost bearable but there's the running replay of the prostate exam story that just won't go away. Oh the Travesty!!!!!!  Here's to working with you girl.  Best of wishes!

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