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Thursday, March 6, 2014

In My Minds Eye, Random Musing from a Tired Heart

I want to walk on the beach; stand with my ankles buried in sand as a million bubbles from the crashing waves engulf my legs....That always makes me giggle. I want to lose myself in a tub filled with mud, lay beneath the hands of a seasoned masseuse and wake up from a deep dreamless sleep on a massage table with a little bit of drool pooled beneath the nook
that snuggles my face as I relax. I want to sit beside the shallow neck of a rushing river and watch the water carve away the rough rocks as it bubbles and trickles the edges to smoothness. I want to sit and watch a beautiful sunset as the air cools my face that has been baked by the sun. I want to feel my cheeks ache from a smile that can't be tuned down and I want to feel my stomach beg for one deep breath having been racked by a fit of spontaneous belly laughter. I want to sing like no one's listening, dance like no one sees and to cry without
restraint. Until then, I will be content in my circumstances, stand strong in the face of adversity, portray strength in spite of my weakness, smile with a breaking heart and a poker
face you'd bet the farm on. But in my minds eye, I am laughing, dancing, giggling and soaking my worries away with an imaginary vaca taken far away from prying eyes and knowing glances.

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