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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Great Theme, Wonderful Celebration

I was invited a little late to help with the latest baby shower. I've had a lot on my plate and no one wanted to add another thing. When I was asked, I was thrilled because I love to decorate for parties. I can't take credit for this amazing Woodland theme, but I did lend a hand in putting it together. The happy couple are rangers at the Capulin Volcano National Park so the Woodland theme was super cute and easy to do. We had a super huge island to make the landscape using burlap, river rock and pine trees from a stash of Christmas stuff. I added a limb from my pine tree, stood it in a planter topped with river rock and wrapped the planter in garden twine and lined the lip with fresh cedar from my front yard. At the base of a tree I nestled a little "Tooth Fairy Owl". The couple's Dad painted some Woodland animals on small canvases to place here and there. We tucked our food trays between the trees and limbs, scattered pine cones around and there you have it, easy as can be!

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