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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Class of 2013.... Come Rain or Shine

Friday my youngest son graduated from High School.  I was busy preparing for family coming in for the big night. It was another wearable weather day in Oklahoma and the forecast changed minute by minute which was driving me to the brink (as if I don't stand close enough all the time anyway). The school's alternative plan was.... They had no alternative plan. If it were raining they were going to have the graduation in the auditorium.If the ceremony was indoors, only 6 of the 12 relatives could get in. I certainly didn't want to pick and choose who got to go and who had to stay home... Especially since most were coming from out of town. It's seemingly insignificant moments
like these, that totally throws my mojo into a frenzy. Silly, silly, silly me, I thought the simple solution would to simply look at the weather radar and read the forecast, which showed rain. Everyone gathered at the house for dinner before my youngest had to be at the stadium. When we left the house, it was rumbling in the distance as dark clouds swirled our way. The parking was terrible! As we walked toward the stadium, I was scolding myself for not getting there earlier. A second later I was scolding myself because we hadn't taken pictures before we left the house because it was pouring rain. A large cheer rose from the stadium as the students seemed to think it was a hoot. Oh well, chalk it up to another memory made by the class of 2013. let the journey begin.

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