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Monday, May 20, 2013

Shadows on the Ground

I sat out on the front steps last night. The muggy Oklahoma day had turned into a pretty nice evening for us. OKC were getting hammered with tornadoes and hail, but where I sat, things were nice and calm. I sat on the steps holding Not My Cat Fez, who has turned from a wild beast into a cuddly, love on me all the time bird hunter. He is so enamored with his hunting abilities, he is continuously placing the birds he has decapitated right outside the screen door. When I step out the door, my foot lands on their mushy little bodies and nearly causes me to fall. I have told him time and again, "That's not cool!" He doesn't seem to care how un-cool it is, he continues to show off his manliness with special gifts for Momma.
I picked him up and nuzzled him close to my cheek. He purred and nuzzled me back, then hopped from my lap to chase shadows in the moonlight. I was in a blue mood. Tears quietly slid down my cheeks as I stared into the darkness. The upper branches of our front trees swayed back and forth with the gentle breeze. Their shadows were vaguely noticeable on the side walk. We originally planted the trees to block the house across the street from our view. At the time, the house was a run down eye sore. I looked toward the moon and saw it was perfectly obstructed by the tall limbs. I sat there with tears rolling down my cheeks. I had so many questions I simply couldn't find the answer to. God seemed to gently speak to my heart. "The shadows you see, are from an object you've allowed to obstruct my light in your life." It's time to trim some limbs because reality is being reduced to shadows on the ground.


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