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Friday, May 3, 2013

Supliminal Messeges

The other day a friend of mine posted this advertisement for salad dressing on my Facebook page. I LOL'd her back like you do when someone post unwanted crap to your wall and accused her of trying to get me in trouble with my husband. After the comment I put it out of my mind (or I thought I had) and went on with my day. I was busy that night with craft stuff (not as in salad dressing, but as in scrap booking). The next morning when I woke up, I was tired. I felt like I had fought a war or something, then I remembered.... I HAD!!!! I had the most amazing dream. I dreamed I was this Laura Croft kind of gal. Just like in real life I was married to... Mighty Mike, who was bulked up a bit in my dream... You know.... bulging biceps and such. He had sexy scars all over his arms, which just sent me into overdrive. We lived in the coolest glass house, and had an outdoor bedroom with a swimming pool. We were so... Very good together.... at hmm, fighting off bad guys who attacked our home and tried to kidnap our son who looked just like young Luke Skywalker. We ran like vampires, but operated like Navy Seals, even had a cool helicopter. I guess it was just another weird Ambien fueled dream of mine (darn it), with a dash of subliminal messages thrown in to make it interesting. I double checked the kitchen this morning to make sure I hadn't been sleep eating again. The kitchen was salad free. Chalk it up to my wild imagination making life interesting in the most entertaining of ways.

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