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Monday, March 12, 2012

Lean Cuisine

Money well spent @ Affair of the Heart
My husband complained that I hadn't posted anything lately. My muse has been on vacation and when that happens I'm museless which is way different but almost the same as being useless. So, here is my birthday post, did I mention I had a fantastic 29th birthday? Well I did! I had the most wonderful birthday this year. I spent my birthday weekend with my kids! The girls and I (that sounds so strangely weird and awesomely sweet) went to the Affair of the Heart,if you missed that post click here then we met up with the guys to fix dinner. After dinner and before the playing of cards, they made me cover my 
That's a miniture fire extinguisher in
his hand, he is set on go
eyes while they lit the candles on my cake (yes the fire department was on standby) and brought out my surprise gift. I opened my eyes to a set of brand spankin new pots and pans. Granted, this would not have excited me 20 years ago, but after being married for 30 years my pans were embarrassingly pathetic. Let me just say without appearing to be blonder than I pay to be.... Water boils much faster when the bottom of the pan actually comes in contact with the burner. You've guessed it,  we've been having boiled water for dinner, it's the new lean cuisine. Hey, don't judge me! :-)

The candles actually created a backdraft :-(

The weird look on my face is me trying to come
up with a wish that is politically, ethically,
morally, spiritually and nutritionally correct...
It took me a while

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