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Monday, March 26, 2012

The Story of Christ in the Face of a Child

My two oldest children got back from a mission trip to Haiti last week. Seth, my oldest son, took his first mission trip when he was 15. Going to Mexico was a life changing experience for him. He was bitten by the mission bug and has gone on a mission trip every year since. This was Aja's first mission trip. Being in the Navy has made her a well seasoned traveler, but a mission trip to a Haitian orphanage is a different experience. The stories they came back with are such a joy to listen to, but nothing tells the story of Christ like the face of a child.

He captured her heart. Brought to the orphanage just days before they arrived, he was so malnourished he didn't have the strength to cry. Through those with a love for missions, this child went from being passed from stranger to stranger, into the arms of loving adults who will nurture not only his body but his soul. When you give to missions, your money is used to help children like this become all that Christ created them to be.

Kirby is deaf. Funding has been raised for him to receive a hearing implant.
Hopefully he will be coming to the U.S. soon for his surgery

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