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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jealous of a Drag Queen??

My daughter and I love M.A.C. cosmetics. We both could spend all day at the counter sampling colors and having tons o' fun. This weekend when we were doing our usual, ohhh, awww,  Aja asked the clerk if she had to make an appointment to have someone do an eye make over. He told her just to have a seat and he'd be happy to do it. Watching a make-up artist is like watching an artist. He brushed, stroked and blended until she had Kim Kardashian eyes.... Of course I took pictures of the process.....
The next day was my turn, except I don't know who Kim Kardashian is so I was like "Just surprise me!" Come to find out Mr. Make-up man was a Drag Queen... Drag Queen, not Drama Queen. He is also an artist and that is what lead him to being a make-up artist/Drag Queen. Actually, it's a little more like which came first, the chicken or the egg, but either way he is what he is and I am not being politically incorrect because he more or less volunteered this information. Chicken, egg, or egg, chicken doesn't make any difference to me because if you want something done right go to someone who knows how to do it and he does good eyes.... Period. I was just a little put out

when I looked at the photo my cousin snapped of the process and then me with Mr. Make-up Man aka Drag Queen, Josie Du'Coll. It's pretty sad when both the male version of a make-up artist and the female Drag Queen are both a heck of a lot prettier than you are.... That's just sad :-( He is pretty as a man even prettier as a woman which is so unfair to those of us who are just... Vanilla ice cream with no sprinkles on top.

Is it totally wrong to be jealous that a Drag Queen? Still, made for a very interesting make-over and boy did our eyes look great!

Josie Du'coll

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