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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Stressed About the Dress

Stilletos would not be comfortable here
So, my son is getting married in a couple of months and I've been on a quest for the perfect Mother of the Groom dress. Normally this would not be a big deal, because shopping is my spiritual gift, but this isn't going to be your traditional wedding. It will be an outdoor June wedding in Colorado. I've done some Internet surfing before I actually hit the streets and I've found everything and nothing at all. I was telling my son that I wasn't finding anything and I didn't know what I was going to do. Yeah, he totally doesn't get it.

Seth - Mom are you actually stressing out over what dress to wear?

Me - Of course I am!!! I'm the Mother of the Groom, that's an important role.

Seth - Mom, the whole reason we are doing the wedding the way we are, is so no one is stressed out. That's the whole point of doing a casual outdoor wedding.

Me - It doesn't matter, I just know there will be pictures (forever frozen in time) and I have to look fabulous.

Seth - Long sigh

Seriously, Doesn't every woman stress about what to wear to their child's wedding? It's not being held in a nudest colony so yes, I'm stressed about the dress. I'm almost certain that I should pitch a show to TLC entitled "I'm Stressed About the Dress". It would be a hit series and I'd make tons of money to pay for the dresses I've found that I'm pretty sure I can't live without and have nothing to do about the wedding.

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