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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

PP People Got it Goin On

Hope you have a sterotypical Valentines Day
Even if Valentine's Day wasn't my birthday, I would still love it. It's my favorite small holiday because it's about love and friendship and touchy feely heart stuff. To a hopeless romantic, Valentine's Day is da-bomb!!! A co-worker mentioned that she thought Valentine's Day was a totally overblown made-up holiday... I'm pretty sure that is blasphemy.I've spent a few hours the past week making homemade valentine cards and I even made special gifts for
the 4 PP (pocket protector)people in my department. I do so enjoy giving the Engineers a hard time, after all I wouldn't want their lives here at the office to be a big drab bore. I was going to purchase pink pocket protectors for them, but I looked all over the internet and couldn't find pink pocket protectors. But hey, not one to give up easily, I decided to make my own out of hot pink zebra print duct tape. You can make anything out of duct tape. The non PP people in my office just got home-made cards and candy and you know, they seemed just fine with that because either you've got it or you don't and everyone knows the PP people got it goin on... Valentine's Day should be anything but boring. Have a great one!

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