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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Saturday night was girls night out for me and the Girlfriends. You
would think with our kids mostly grown and gone, we would find it easier to spend time together, but actually it seems to have become more difficult. We do try to do dinner for our birthdays. As we ate and chattered through dinner I was just very thankful to have each and everyone of them in my life. When you start listing the life changes we have gone through together it is a remarkable list. Not all of the things we've been through have been happy, fun or exciting, but the important thing is... We've done it all together. It's been an interesting journey. I spoke with my daughter yesterday. She had spent the weekend in New Orleans with a friend. For kicks and giggles they got their palms read. When the fortune teller told her that she saw a wedding and a baby coming to her family within the next year, my daughter immediately thought of her extended family. One friend has a son getting married, and one friend is looking forward to her first grandchild. That's how much our friends mean to us, my kids actually consider them family without
hesitation. I would say that my very best parenting skill (and I'm not one who really brags about that) would be my desire to surround my children with people who can add to their lives in a positive way. People whose strengths far outweigh my weaknesses. I believe 100% that my relationships have shaped and molded my children every bit as much as their relationship with me and my husband. I have some remarkable kids because I have some remarkable friends.

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