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Monday, August 8, 2011

Partners in Crime

When my daughter left home, my world just seemed all out of balance. Suddenly the power shifted from all things female, to testosterone driven movies and television. This last week, the world righted itself with the homecoming of Momma's girl. Friday night we drove up after work to help her unpack her stuff and get her apartment at least a little bit organized. The boys worked in the living room with all the electronic gadgets, she worked in the kitchen and I took the bedroom. It was certainly easy to see that she had been living in shopping heaven for the past 6 years. She had a drawer full of designed sunglasses, numerous designer handbags and several designer sweaters. She caught me trying on her sunglasses (actually picking out a pair for myself would be more accurate). I heard her tell the boys.... "Mom's not helping, she's just trying to steal my stuff." LOL! When she lived at home and it was my stuff, I believe it was called borrowing. It sure is nice to have my partner in crime back in visiting distance.

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