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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Litter Box Cleaning - Eskimo Kisses = One Less Chore

The one thing I dreaded about getting a cat was the whole litter box thing. There just isn't anything pleasant about keeping up a litter box. I'll have to admit, it hasn't been as bad as I remember... Seems like I hardly ever have to scoop it out and there hasn't been a lot of nasty litter box odor. It's been so hot, we've been keeping the pets indoors. The other day my Mastiff appeared in the hallway foaming at the mouth... Or at least I thought she was foaming at the mouth. For just a second I thought I had a 175lb rabid Mastiff on my hands, but apparently she had just been helping me with housecleaning chores by keeping on top of the litter box maintenance. I'm not sure whether I should be totally grossed out (which I totally am) or thankful for the thoughtfulness and help. It's hard to complain when you have one less chore to do.  One thing I am sure of,  I'll not be accepting anymore Eskimo kisses from my Sailor Girl.... She can just blow me kisses from across the room.

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