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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Life Inside the Cones

It's so nice to be able to get my kids together now and have dinner or go see a movie together. I've missed having the whole family near. I'm especially glad my youngest is getting a chance to spend some time with his brother and sister. Now that he is driving, and they are living in the City, he will have all of the access he wants. He couldn't have better role models than his Bubba and Sissy. We were eating the other night and I had a wonderful idea. I suggested we plan a vacation to some island resort or something. Everyone agreed except my oldest son. He was all for planning a vacation, but not to a resort.His reasoning was... Resorts would be boring. My reasoning is resorts would be safe... "Mom! I want to take you someplace where you don't speak their language and they don't speak yours. I want to take you someplace where we have to fight off wild monkeys, and I don't want you to freak out about it." I just laugh as he says... "You can go ride these jet skis as much as you want. You just have to stay inside the cones, but you can ride all you want. What's fun about that?!" That's my life!!! I've always been a inside the cone kind of gal. There is a false sense of security inside the cones. I've always felt like bad things couldn't and wouldn't happen inside the cones, but then the sharks have a way of getting between the barriers and life happens. If life is going to happen one way or the other, maybe a venture outside the cones once in a while wouldn't hurt.

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