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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

That Time of Year

Tis that time of year
When I fear for my thighs
With all of the pecan
And coconut pies
All of the sausage
That's brought in on trays
And all of the cheese
That's been aged for all days
Popcorn and candy canes
Brought by the slews 
By salesmen with children
Who have no new shoes
Rum cake and pretzels 
Covered in goo
My mouth is exhausted 
From all that I've chewed
Twill be weeks maybe months
 For my jeans fit just right
I'm stuffed in the middle
They're a tiny tad tight
But after the holiday festivities are done
I'll hop on that tread mill and
Run Forest run
So summer will find me
trim once again
No jiggle no jangle
From my double fat chin

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